KBEAR INK MK2 HiFi Upgraded DLC Diaphragm Dynamic In-ear Monitor

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KBEAR Ink MK2 Wired Earphone is a top of the line in ear monitor headphone designed to provide incredible audio fidelity and quality.  This wired earphone features an 8.8mm strong dynamic driver, DLC diaphragm and 8-core OFC silver-plated cable.  This wired earphone is an upgraded version of the KBEAR DIAMOND and has optimized the coil diameter and magnet volume resulting in superior sound quality.  The new DLC diaphragm eliminates distortion and sound feedback while providing a flat diaphragm sound.  Not only is the sound great, but KBEAR Ink MK2 also comes with a classy, classic blue Kafla pattern which has been re-engraved from KBEAR DIAMOND.

To further add to the value of this earphone, it comes with a variety of accessories such as a leather storage bag, 2 pairs of sponge sound-isolating earmuffs, 6 pairs of earmuffs in different sizes, a cleaning brush and cleaning cloth.  With these accessories, you can customize your listening experience and make your earphone truly your own.  Also, if you want to further upgrade, you can consider matching KB07, 08 or TRI Clarion earmuffs.  All of these will give you an even more enhanced listening experience.

KBEAR Ink MK2 is an excellent choice for music enthusiasts who are looking to upgrade their headphones.  With its enhanced sound reproduction, beautiful design, and useful accessories, it is a great way to take your listening experience to a whole new level.  With its strong magnet dynamic unit, DLC diaphragm, and 8-core OFC silver-plated cable, it can provide you with an unparalleled listening experience.


8.8MM Strong Magnet Dynamic Unit:

The KBEAR INK MK2 features a powerful 8.8MM dynamic unit with a strong magnet, resulting in higher conversion efficiency and improved dynamic range for an enhanced listening experience.

DLC Diaphragm:

The KBEAR INK MK2 utilizes a brand new DLC diaphragm design that lowers distortion, particularly under treble feedback.  This advanced design ensures a more accurate and enjoyable sound reproduction.

Zinc-alloy Cavity and Precise Brass Sound Guide:

The KBEAR INK MK2's cavity is constructed with a zinc-alloy material and incorporates a precise brass sound guide.  This combination reduces standing wave distraction and improves sound quality with lower distortion.

Classic Blue Kafla Pattern:

Inspired by the well-prized KBEAR DIAMOND's design, the KBEAR INK MK2 features a re-engraved classic blue Kafla pattern.  This design element adds a touch of elegance and nostalgia to the new earphones.

8-Core OFC Silver-Plated Cable and Various Accessories:

The KBEAR INK MK2 comes with an 8-Core OFC silver-plated cable that enhances sound quality.  Additionally, it includes an exquisite leather storage bag, multiple pairs of earmuffs in different sizes, a cleaning brush, and a cleaning cloth.  These accessories cater to various listening scenarios and provide a customizable and convenient experience for users.