IKKO OH10S 1DD+1BA Hybrid IEMs Sapphire Mirage In-Ear Monitor

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iKKO OH10S Sapphire Mirage:
Enhanced Sound Precision with Advanced Crossover Circuit
The OH10S features an advanced high-precision crossover circuit, utilizing thin film capacitors to enhance the performance of the sound, reducing the background noise, makes a more detailed and accurate listening experience.

10mm Dual-Magnet Titanium-Coated DD:
The OH10S boasts an upgraded single 10mm dual-magnet titanium-coated dynamic driver, this innovative driver delivers powerful and detailed bass while preserving the beloved natural sound signature of the OH10.

Lasting Protection with Photochromic Glass:
Transitions from transparent to a captivating blue under sunlight.This exquisite design not only exudes visual allure but also delivers outstanding protection for the high-fidelity components within, ensuring enduring durability.

Exquisite Copper Alloy and PVD Front Cavity:
Adorned with a luxurious PVD coating, elevates the sound quality by minimizing internal harmonic resonance distortion, ensuring a sonic experience as flawless as the work of art itself.

Knowles 33518 Balanced Armature Drivers:
We've retained the top-quality Knowles 33518 balanced armature drivers, ensuring a high-performance audio experience with every listen.

Superior Upgraded Cables:
Upgraded cables deliver exceptional durability and outstanding sound separation. These enhancements effectively reduce distortion, ensuring an unparalleled listening experience.