CCA C10 PRO 1DD+4BA Hybrid Drivers HIFI In-Ear Earphone

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CCA C10 PRO earphones deliver an unparalleled listening experience making it perfect for any music lover. It is equipped with high-tech 10 driver hybrid technology that provides up to 1DD+4BA drivers and a Magnetic Dynamic Unit. It's main features are a low-key but shining Aluminum Alloy Dioxygen luxury process, MEMS noise canceling, and a detachable cable design.

The superior sound quality of the C10 PRO sets it apart from the rest. Its 10mm dual magnetic large dynamic unit and customized mid high frequency balanced armature unit combination provides true pure listening experience with an impressive ability to capture every nuance. With its high-intensity resolution and rich sense of quality, the sound has a balance of high, mids, and low frequency so the tone won't be too bright or too dark. Additionally, its soundstage provides a natural expansion with width magnitude to give a spacious feeling.

Comfortable to wear, the aluminum alloy dioxygen luxury process and resin cavity add to its strong texture and crystal luster. Best for active lifestyles, the earphones are perfect for outdoor activities such as running, jogging, hiking, biking, and gym. Also, its detachable gold-plated 2-pin cable design is upgradable and offers protection to the pins from breaking for a longer service life. It also comes with 5N 4-core silver plated wire that is soft and supple, making it easier to use.


10 Drivers Hybrid Technology:

The CCA C10 Pro earphones feature a hybrid driver system with 1 dynamic and 4 balanced armature drivers, delivering high-intensity resolution and a rich sense of quality in sound.

Aluminum Alloy Dioxygen Luxury Process + Resin:

The earphones are crafted using a combination of aluminum alloy and resin materials, resulting in a visually stunning appearance that is both low-key and stylish.

Noise Canceling and High Sound Quality:

Equipped with built-in MEMS noise canceling technology, the CCA C10 Pro earphones reduce environmental noise for an immersive auditory experience. The sound is pure, well-balanced, and offers good high frequency extension and deep lows.

Detachable Cables Design:

The earphones feature a detachable cable design, allowing for easy cable replacement or customization. The gold-plated 2 pin cable offers upgradability, while the limit slot protection design ensures durability and prolongs the lifespan of the interface.

Removable and Replaceable Bluetooth Cable:

The CCA C10 Pro earphones can be used with other Bluetooth cables for added convenience and versatility. The main body comes with a 5N 4-core silver plated wire that is soft, supple, and easy to handle without worrying about cable curling.


> Model: CCA C10 PRO
> Sensitivity: 109dB
> Frequency: 20-40000Hz
> Impedance: 24ohms
> Plug type: 3.5mm gold-plated plug
> Cable length: 1.25m
> Connector: 0.75mm 2 Pin
> Microphone: optional