8 Best IEMs With Planar Magnetic Drivers

8 Best IEMs With Planar Magnetic Drivers

The advantages of planar magnetic headphones are generally recognized in the audiophile world but are less well known to the general public. To compare, dynamic driver headphones like the Sennheiser HD800 sit on one end of the spectrum, while electrostatic headphones like the King sound KS-H1, Stax, etc., occupy the other.

They use a very small diaphragm that moves between two magnets at lightning speed. This means you can get around some of the restrictions of regular headphones with dynamic drivers. Using Planar headphones has benefits and drawbacks, just like any other technological innovation. This technology's rising profile in recent years has resulted in many options. Due to the increasing popularity of Planar headphones, several excellent new versions have been released by various manufacturers. In no particular order, these are our picks for the finest Planar Magnetic headphones currently available.

DUNU Titan

If you're looking for something neutral-ish in the budget sector, which is often dominated by V-shaped or Harman-tuned cuisine, the DUNU Titan S are a wonderful option to consider

The timbre and technicality are also very acceptable, and the analytical character sets it apart. Additionally, driving a Titan S is a breeze. The build quality is solid, and the included accessories are plenty.

This set is not recommended for bass heads due to a roll-off in the sub-bass range. Although the nozzles are a little too long, which might be an issue for individuals with tiny ears, the Titan S are unlike any other headphones in this price range due to their surprisingly balanced sound.

Key features

> Driver: 11mm dynamic driver with polycondensation crystal polymer diaphragm
> Sensitivity: 110 dB/mW
> Impedance: 32 Ω
> Frequency Range: 5 Hz – 40 kHz
> Cable: 2-pin detachable cable


The HIFIMAN Ananda is another option for those seeking an over-ear, wired headset. This headset looks and sounds high-end thanks to its 92 dB sensitivity, 8 Hz to 55 kHz frequency range, and leather earcups. This headset offers the highest quality sound with the least distortion because of its high sensitivity. This device's NEO super nano Diaphragm guarantees customers a quick and thin audio experience.

Sound reflection and clarity are improved by the window shade grill design used in the HIFIMAN Ananda. The hybrid headband design ensures comfort and adjustability, and the asymmetric ear cups further secure a custom fit.

Key features

> Form Factor: Over-Ear
> Connectivity: Wired
> Ensure comfort to the ears
> Rich sound quality
> High-frequency response
> Fewer distortion sounds

Final Audio E3000

The E3000 is made by the Japanese company Final Audio and is a part of their bullet-shaped E Series.

These have a distinctive L-shaped tuning, deep bass and muted highs. The included Final type-E black tips are well-liked by audiophiles for their ability to reduce high frequencies and tighten low ones.

The E3000, when properly powered, provide a large soundstage with excellent image and layering for around fifty dollars. The E3000 has a rich and well-balanced middle. The timing is just on, too.

Key features

> Driver: 6.4mm dynamic driver
> Sensitivity: 100 dB/mW
> Impedance: 16 Ω
> Frequency Range: not provided by the manufacturer
> Cable: non-detachable

KBEAR Aurora

The KBEAR Aurora's tuning is reminiscent of the Harman brand's, with heavy note weight and precise timbral reproduction. What allows us to distinguish one musical instrument or voice from another when they are playing the same note at the same basic pitch and loudness is timbral precision. That is, can you distinguish between a fake and a genuine violin?

The Aurora has a pleasing tone, and organic timbre should be familiar to most customers. They complement each other well in songs that rely heavily on vocals or acoustic instruments. The included extras are plenty and well made.

Key features Driver:

> 10mm nano titanium-plated diaphragm dynamic driver
>  Sensitivity: 105 dB/mW
>  Impedance: 18 Ω Frequency Range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
>  Cable: 2-pin detachable cable

Monolith M1060

The Monolith M1060 is our list of most aesthetically pleasing low-cost planar magnetic headphones. In addition to its functionality, the gadget has a highly impressive and high-end appearance. Its open-back design and 106mm wide driver provide high-quality audio reproduction. The sounds produced by the planar magnetic driver are also among the best.

In addition, its frequency response of 10 Hz to 50 kHz guarantees audio that is both pure and undistorted. Users may be certain that the cushioned headband and fake leather ear cups will support their ears.

Key features Driver:

> Form Factor: Over-Ear
> Connectivity: Wired
> Affordable
> Premium design
> Sharp audio quality
> Wide driver
> Lightweight


Another pair of over-the-ear magnetic planar headphones that cut was the HIFIMAN Edition XS. The headphones have a sensitivity of 92 decibels, an independent impedance of 18 ohms, and a frequency response of 8Hz to 50kHz. These additions aid in the production of high-quality audio for its consumers. In addition, the wires are removable, and the headbands are soft and adjustable.

The ability to fine-tune how it and other aspects appear is fantastic. However, given its low cost, the product's construction falls short of expectations. However, the remarkable functional features fill up this space. In addition, the device's stealth magnets provide crisp audio for the user's ears—incredible performance for a planar magnetic headset.

Key features

> Good quality of sound
> Comfortable
> Stealth magnets feature
> Form Factor: Over-Ear
> Connectivity: Wired


The constant stream of new updates and upgrades every week might make you believe that the newest and greatest is always the best. However, these secondary hype trains only get discussed on audio forums months after their initial release.

When something is still being discussed and suggested many months after its initial publication, it's a good indicator that it's still relevant.

After receiving widespread accolades upon its introduction over three years ago, the BLON BL -03 completely revolutionized the sub-$20 IEM market. Indeed, even now, inexpensive IEM enthusiasts continue to endorse them on online discussion groups.

Key features

> Driver: 10mm carbon diaphragm dynamic driver
> Sensitivity: 102dB
> Impedance: 32 Ω
> Frequency Range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
> Cable: 2-pin detachable cable


SIVGA PHOENIX is one of the best wireless planar magnetic headphones on this list. To provide the best listening experience to the users, this has a unique polycarbonate film and a diaphragm that has developed independently. This feature ensures the best sound quality for the users of this headset. Also, it has a very cool design that makes it attractive in looks. The triple frequency eq of this headset is able to provide natural sound, low frequency, and very flexible bass too.

Besides, this has an ergonomic design that helps to adjust well. Also, the spongy and soft ear cups provide good comfort to the ears.

Key features

> Good outlook
> Comfortable
> Amazing audio quality
> Form Factor: Over-Ear
> Connectivity: Wired